Saturday, March 30, 2013


When you post something with Google+ mobile, it comes up with a screen that shows your location, a vague, general and broad location.  

You can remove the location, or select it to get some choices of more specific addresses and businesses.

In NW Portland today, I got the initial location shown in this screen shot.  Just a couple blocks away, it worked fine.  But at this one corner, NW 18th and Lovejoy, it always placed at in "blahtest, Portland, Oregon".


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Google Keep!

Not so much...

Monday, March 18, 2013

This Phone Number has Already Been Used

Well this is interesting...

It turns out there's a limit to how many times you can use the same phone number for a text message from +Google to verify a login.

Who knew?!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Popular Science, April 1958

Our Pictures and Google

1. A user on Google+ can post a photo from Google Drive.  When you do this, it creates an album with a date title at the top level, rather than a sub-album under "Photos from posts".

2. A Google+ Page can not post a photo from the Page owner's Google Drive.

3. Google+ can not add a photo to an album from the Page owner's Google Drive.

4. A Google+ Page can upload photos in a "Photos from posts" sub-album, or create an album and upload to it.

5. Google+ Page albums are not accessible from Picasa Web Albums, nor from the Picasa application, when logged in as the Page owner.  The albums created by a Page are owned by the Page and not accessible, even by the owner of the Page.

6. Google Drive folders can be shared with individuals, from Google Drive, but can not be shared with Circles, Google+ Pages, nor Google+ Communities from Google Drive (note that an object shared with a Community is actually public).

7. From Google+, Google Drive folders can not be shared.

8. When viewing an album in Google+, under the "More" drop down, the "Share album via link" gives a URL that can be shared in a Google+ post, including sharing with a Google+ Page.  However, the Page can not re-share the post to a Community.

9. However, a Page can share the URL (obtained via #8) of an album with a Google+ Community.

10. Google+ can not provide a URL for an individual image in an album,.  Picasa Web Albums can.

11. Picasa Web Albums can not create sub-albums, even though Google+ does this when images are added to "Photos from posts".

12. When uploading to, or moving an image to, an album through the Google+ tool (the "Upload New Photos" button", the albums are selected through an impossibly long, unordered and unsearchable drop down.  In this drop down, the sub albums are all listed, along with the top level albums.  This is stunningly unusable.

13. The same interface, with the same problem, in #12 is used in Picasa Web Albums, on selecting the "Upload" button.

14. Google Blogger can insert images from Picasa albums owned by a user but not by a Google+ Page.

15. Google Blogger can not access Google Drive.