Saturday, January 12, 2013

What's My IMEI Number?

I have have deeply engaged lately in trying to get a promised rebate out of T-Mobile.  This is a whole other story...

The point of this post is an interesting fact that I have learned along this journey; how to get your IMEI or MAC number from your phone.  The IMEI number is the International Mobile Equipment Identifier, it is a 15 digit number that uniquely identifies every phone.

So here it is:

Open the keypad on your phone, any phone, and type *#06# and the phone will display the IMEI.

The IMEI is 15 digits.  Sometimes this number will be displayed with slash something at the end.  The slash, or other character, and what follows it is not part of the IMEI, it's just the 15 number.  Later I noticed that this code appears as "device serial number" on the label on the box the phone came in.

After civilization has produced 999,999,999,999,999 mobile devices, no one can have anymore.

Good luck.