Monday, April 8, 2013

The Chili

Chimp-1: Chimp-3, does the refrigerator get cleaned out on Friday?

Chimp-3: No...

Chimp-1: Somebody ate the vegetarian chili I had in there and took the Tupperware it was in!

Chimp-3: Weird, that's unusual around here.

Chimp-1:  I need that Tupperware back...

Chimp-3: [walking down the hall] Well, send out a note...  That doesn't really happen...

Chimp-3: [walking past Chimp-2's office] It was probably Chimp-2, I saw some chili in his beard!

Chimp-2: What?

Chimp-1: Someone ate the chili I left in the fridge on Friday!

Chimp-2: Oh ya that was me.

Chimp-1: What?

Chimp-3: It was you?

Chimp-2: Oh ya, it looked just like some chili I made, and we have the same Tupperware...  I couldn't believe I had left it in there for days and days.

Chimp-1: That's my girlfriend's Tupperware!