Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And Another Thing About Images

Here at Computer Programmer Chimp, we weren't born yesterday, and neither should you.  We know full well that our reader likes to see a nice image of some or other interesting object or scene along with our posts and pages.  And why not?

This is the future!

There's a funny thing though; the HTML editors at Google Sites and at Google Blogger have very different ideas about how images from Google's Picasa Web Albums can be included in our Precious Webily Content.

Let's start with the Blogger editor.  With this editor, you click the image icon in the tool bar and, assuming you are in compose mode, a dialogue appears allowing several choices for the source of the image.  One of these is Picasa Web Albums!  Win!

Selecting the image to insert is a simple matter of picking the album, and the image.  Holy LOL Cats!  This works great!

Now let's try inserting an image with the editor provided for Google Sites.  This editor does not have an image icon in the tool bar.  Instead you'll find this functionality in the menus.  Click "Insert".

What you'll get is this menu jam packed and overflowing (hence the little arrow in the lower right) with cool stuff you can insert.

"Image" is right up front, so we'll click that.

Now here's where it gets interesting.  The naive chimp might expect to find something at least a bit similar to what we see to facilitate images in the Blogger editor.

Ha!  Ha!  No such luck!  The Google is not so easily pigeon-holed, silly chimp.

What you'll actually get is this dialogue offering only two options, uploading an image file, or entering the URL of an image.

To get an image from your Picasa Web Albums therefore, you will need to copy and paste the images URL from Picasa.

You go to Picasa, select the album, select the image, select a few options, and Picasa finally gives up the URL.

As an added bit of fun, it should be mentioned at this point that you will only see the link options in Picasa if the album is either public, or limited (public with link).  These choices are album properties that you'll need to set before doing any of this.


So there you have it.  Two HTML editors, both from Google, both dedicated to content creation within two Google offerings, and both with very different means of incorporating images from Google's on line image management tool.  Awesome!