Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Remmina Can't Load its VNC Client Plugin

My new computer (follow up to this) came with the next version of the O/S up from the last one, Mint Linux 16.

So...  First I go to set up the VPN.  Where's VPN on the network menus?  Not there anymore!  So I Google around...  Turns out it's buried in sub menus now.  You have to hit a tiny + sign like I would have done in the past to add the network card, then select VPN type.

This worked, I'm connected.

So where is the VNC client for remote desktop to my other Linux box?  Not pre-installed anymore!  'Cause who would want to do that right?  This took a bit because I didn't even know what the application was called.  It's always been part of any distribution I have used.

Found it.  Remmina.  Installed it.  Started it.  Looks familiar...  But only has sftp and ssh in the new connection type drop down.

Google that for awhile...

Oh, I need a plug in for that!  So what I am wondering is who the hell would install this GUI app just to do sftp and/or ssh only?!  Whatever.

Ok, so I find and install the plugin.

VNC is still not in the dropdown.

Google deeper.

Oh, it's a bug.  It just doesn't work.  The package is built wrong or something.  I'm hosed.  No good VNC client for Mint 16.

Have a nice day!

I then installed an alternate VNC client called Vinagre.  And it's working.  Please leave it alone.