Thursday, September 27, 2012

Installing Ubutu One on Windows XP

This is what happens when I try to install Ubuntu One on Windows XP.


I'm doing this, or trying to because I got tired of this software over-writing newer files with older files from the one Windows laptop I use.  I had a version 2 something, and they're at version 3 something.  So I uninstalled it and downloaded it again.  Guess that doesn't work eh?

One would think that "uninstall" would mean, oh I don't know...  Uninstall?  I suppose I'm just old fashioned.  

Poking around I found that Ubuntu One still had a number of processing running, and quite a lot large number of files and directories.  Killing it all manually, and erasing everything I could find, allowed the installer to run, and the software started normally.

Too normally...

Somehow it still knew my log in.  It connected right up and went straight into a sync session.  I wonder what it will overwrite?  It's like a game!