Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Tale of Informix and the Eybium

The world of the chimps is privileged and burdened with lore and myth.  Tales of the ancient times can be heard almost daily wherever chimps gather around the glow of monitors to listen to the silver-haired old chimps as they drone on and on.

Sometimes these tales drift to the subject of the databases...

In the early times, one of the first things expected from computers by their masters was the ability to store away bytes, and return them exactly, later, on demand.  For the automated computers, the facilities that accomplished this feat are referred to as "databases", as they still are today.

The first databases were rather simple, but effective tools, fit to their time, not as clumsy or random as a blaster.  They were, and still are, called "relational", because they are all related.  One of the old databases was Informix.  The exact origin of Informix is lost to the mists of history, and much of what the silver-haired chimps say is of course not to be believed.  But it is known, that long ago, Informix was consumed by that mighty beast, know only as Eybium.

Perhaps there was a plan, perhaps there was only destruction.  We do not know.  But today, in deepest pages of the mighty Eybium domain, the brave chimp can still find information about Informix.  But take care chimps, for the vast creature that is Eybium is as powerful, and as it is terrible.

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